Designing beanbags for Kip & Co

Former Animation student Elise Raspanti has recently had one of her fabric designs released in an artist series by Kip & Co. We caught up with her to see how she's been since graduating!


You can see her designs here. 

Tell us what you’ve been up to since you’ve left JMC Academy!

I have to admit, it was a slow start right out of college, but in this industry jobs don’t come easy. You have to work for it, you need to get hungry!

So Landing my first Junior role at Foxtel as a motion graphic designer was such a dream of mine. Even though I was only there for a short time I learnt so much about understanding the world of broadcast design. Right after I finished up at Foxtel, I was lucky to get right back into it, landing myself a job at Channel nine as a graphic designer, working mostly for live broadcast for the today show and 9news. Working in broadcast keeps you on your toes that’s for sure; you may get a job to do and it needs to be on air in 10mins!

As well as working full time as a graphic designer, I have also started up a side business creating digital artworks! I have always loved art, and working in the graphic design world has taught me so much so I have combined all my skills to start creating digital prints! Take a look at my shop; http://raspaintings.bigcartel.com

Tell us about having your designs released in the artist series by Kip & Co and how you got this opportunity?            

Winning this competition is definitely a highlight for me! Kip&Co is an online boutique store I follow, and it was competition time for any artist, established or amateur to submit designs, and the top 5 designs will be selected to be printed on this year’s Art series beanbags! At the time I was learning a new skill on pattern making so this competition really motivated me to learn more and I spent a whole month creating many different designs. I loved the experience and winning was such a proud moment for me! 

How did your course at JMC help you in the industry?


JMC Academy helped build my foundations as a designer, even though I have evolved into a graphic designer, the course had a variety of subjects that helped develop my skills to reach the level that was needed to get into the design industry! 

What have you learnt most since entering the industry?

The design industry can be daunting as you come to realise how many talented people are out there and you start comparing yourself to others! As long as you stay true to your own style, that’s all you should focus on. Try to keep up with the latest technologies, and if you enjoy what you do, you will succeed!  

What advice would you give to current students?

Practice and practice your skills at home! You should always be creating! Use up the resources you have available at JMC Academy, talking with your teachers and creating connections!

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