Daniel Brown - Trackdown Studios

Currently a House Engineer at Trackdown Studios, Daniel has worked on many large scale projects including the Mentoring Session Engineer on The Voice Australia, and Digital Recordist on movies including Happy Feet 2, Australia, Jumper and PS I Love You.

In the last 10 years working at Trackdown, Daniel's long road of hard work, dedication and practice has paid off, taking him from an assistant moving chairs, painting, cleaning floors, toilets and making coffee's to a Senior and House Engineer for the Simon Leadley Scoring Stage.

In the Movie world, Dan has moved up from being a playback operator on Happy Feet 1, to a Protools/Digital Recordist on the record and mix for many films like, Happy Feet 2, Australia, Jumper, PS I Love You, Knowing and Legend Of The Gardian's. He has had the pleasure of working along side with amazing engineers Shawn Murphy, John Kurlander, Peter Cobbin and many more.

Further experience includes roles as the Film Score Mixer and Mixing on Tomorrow When The War Began, The Killer Elite, Kath and Kimdarella, Forbidden Ground, The Railway Man and Circle Of Lies. I even do lots of Dialog and ADR recording, like having the pleasure of being one of the Original Dialog Record Engineers with the whole Happy Feet 2 crew, including Robin Williams and Hank Azaria.

See the full List of Daniel's film credits here.

Yet working on films is not the only thing Daniel has had experience with! He was recently flown to Japan to record an Orchestra In the Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre, which Daniel notes was 'definitely an experience'.

But it doesn't stop there, with an impressive line up of live concert recordings and mixing at the studio with the likes of Coldplay, Justin Bieber, One Direction with Channel V and MTV, and has worked on music albums and songs ranging from, Deni Heines and James Morrison to Rachel Lehcar, Delta Goodrem, Ryan Tedder and Ragina Spektor, 

Being a house engineer for Trackdown means Daniel has to fit into many shoes at the drop of a hat, and it's these challenges and learnings that he enjoys the most.