Damien Schneider works on Happy Feet 2

Damien Schnieder first got the idea to study animation after a fascination with dinosaurs as a child and a love of the DVD extras from the Durassic Park movies.

happy_feet_2-(1).jpgHe now has some major projects under his belt including Happy Feet 2, the Polly Pocket and Mini Mouse TV Series, and the Walking with Dinosarus ipad app which won Best Educational App 2012.

Damien studied Digital Animation at JMC Academy from 2008 to 2010 as a scholarship student. After building an impressive portfolio at JMC Academy, Damien's reel secured him the Technical Animator role on Happy Feet 2, which he explains was a bridge between the creative and technical side. " I was working on the character performance aswell as being a relay between the programming side of things and the character performance teams.

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