Creating a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign

This was a question that JMC Academy FTV students Brodie Pyke, Leah Pellinkhof, Tara O’Connell, Zanetta Potestas and Sharyn Es had to answer. The group formed a film collective (Queer Film Collective) to raise funds for their upcoming projects. 

QFC-(1).jpgThe students have been studying at JMC Academy for the past two years. They have developed their skills as filmmakers and are now looking to make an imprint on the Australian and International creative industries. They are passionate about these films as they address issues that have typically been omitted from Australian film. By making these films they hope to make a positive change to the film industry. 

Their passion to succeed emphasises the importance of correct budgeting for impressive and unique filmmaking. Leah Pellenkhof has produced many film projects in her studies including ‘My Pet Human’ a Matilda nominated and a Dell’Arte award winning film. "If we get enough support, this could change the way films are produced and therefore better our chances of employment in our chosen field” Leah states.

The rest of the collective are no strangers to success. Leah has also directed/written and edited many film projects including the latest music video form JMC Academy band ‘Obadiah’ titled Not Quite Ready Yet. “Being students we can only afford so much. Donating to our campaign would help us achieve everything we want for these films”, the group states in their plea to possible donators.

The collective five some have just launched another crowd funding campaign through Pozible to fund their next films which will be entered into various international festivals including some close to home. The collective have previously successfully funded previous projects through the same platform and are optimistic about collecting the right sources and 100% funding for their endeavours.

Watch their Pozible campaign here: 

Or donate here.