Business Owners and Worldwide events: What our Audio Alumni are up to now

Talk about hitting the ground running! We chat to Audio Alumni Mauricio and Ethyne about all the impressive things they have been doing in the industry since graduating.

What have you been up to since graduating from JMC? 

Ethyne: Since graduating, I've been working on my own business, Chaos Audio. I've already secured some jobs for the future, and have been working on a couple upcoming projects.

Mauricio: Since I've graduated from JMC, I started my own Audio Business - Silent Noise Audio in North Brisbane - and am currently working on various projects, including my own music. I'm also currently one of the facilities staff at JMC Brisbane and recently got asked to judge Audio for JMC Melbourne Martini awards.

You did some work with the Commonwealth Games at the start of the year. Can you tell us about how you landed that role and what was involved?

Ethyne: My time at the Commonwealth Games was only able to happen because I was a student at JMC. Employers from GBE went to a variety of different creative industry schools to find operators and volunteers, JMC was one of these schools. I worked as a Graphics Playback Operator, and to this day, it has been the most fun and exciting working experience of my career. Though the job was outside of audio, I am extremely thankful to JMC for my chance to work at the Games.

Mauricio: I got a confirmation of my role at the GC2018 Commonwealth Games as part of the team for the Weightlifting, Para-Powerlifting and Wrestling. Despite the fact my background is predominantly in Audio, I have done many shows including Visual Switching, SFX, VFX, Lighting and Audio, and because of that, I got transferred to a Graphics Playback Operator, because it was a more intense role and they needed someone with experience. It was new, exciting and amazing.

The Commonwealth Games are a large scale and global production. What did you take away from working on such a massive event?

Ethyne: Working on a large-scale production like the Commonwealth Games taught me how much team work and communication is needed to deliver a professional standard.  It's not just about doing your job, it's about doing what ever is necessary to meet your team's goal; and sometimes it's not your opinion that matters.

Mauricio: I've worked on a few shows in the past that required a 'Show Caller' and Floor Managers and alike, but never to this large an extent and so meticulous. In those previous shows, if you messed up, it wasn't really obvious and very rarely could anyone hide your mistakes for the sake of the show. This was different. The theatrical lighting, the video cues, the interactions, the music, the SFX, the graphics, everything had to be tight. As a team and individually, you have to be on point.

What else have you been doing in the Audio Industry?

Ethyne: Currently my business is going well. I am scoring my second short film, I will be doing the sound design for another. I will also be doing the score and sound design for an animation. All of these are unpaid jobs, but will be perfect pieces for my portfolio. I also have a couple of paid jobs. I am working on the production of an album which is due to be released this year, and I am also about to be recording demos for a variety of bands. 

Mauricio: So recently I've been working with a few artists from QLD as their recording/mixing/mastering engineer. One is an Indie/Alt-Rock artist whose EP we've almost finished. The other main artist I have been working with is an extremely talented singer/songwriter from Brisbane. I'm also going to start teaching in the northern suburbs on a regular basis the basics of audio engineering and running seminars on mixing, producing, mastering, etc. On top of that, I'm heading back into the live scene. Between 2013-2015, I did over 400 live shows/events. I then decided to take a bit of break when I moved back to Brisbane, but after working at the Comm Games, I've decided i'm going back strong into doing live shows and events. So yeah, keeping busy!

Tell us your favourite things about your time at JMC?

Ethyne: JMC has been a fantastic experience for me. Not only did I learn plenty about audio engineering, but I also learned so much more about collaboration. My favourite aspect about JMC, was the ability to work with other industries; including FTV, Music, Animation and Game Design.

Mauricio: My favourite thing was socializing with students from different disciplines, and talking to all the lecturers and picking apart their brains and thought processes and experiences. Playing on the studio consoles and experimenting was fantastic too, spending countless hours in the studio with other students, sometimes other lecturers was great.

What advice would you give to current students?

Ethyne: Ditch the lone wolf idea. You are around so many like-minded people, who all have dreams and ambition. Make an effort to find the people you are compatible with, because they could potentially change your life.

Mauricio: Don't be afraid to throw yourself out into the industry, because all of us that are in the industry currently started off the same way!

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