Brothers 3 sign to Warner

Tayzin and his brothers make up the popular band Brothers 3, who rose to fame after appearing on the XFactor and who have recently been signed to Warner. They are touring Australia in September and then taking it world wide before releasing their album in October. Tayzin also studies here at JMC Academy, so we caught up with him to congratulate him on their new signing, and see how he was doing… 

Hey Tayzin, thanks for chatting with us!
Tell us about your new upcoming album with Warner Music!

It’s 12 tracks with some originals and other covers from XFactor. We also included a couple of covers from our favourite bands. It’s a little bit country/folk and pop all rolled into one.
What do you love most about being in a band with your brothers?
We have great times together. We all are quite different which means we do have our ups and downs but in the end, we are always there for each other. We all love music and the band. It gives us a chance to express ourselves on stage and through our music.
So you are studying film here at JMC, why did you choose film and not Music?
I really wanted to explore my passion for film making. I love studying sound design because it compliments my music and helps me understand more about music and sound production.

What are the most important things you have learnt from your time here at JMC?
I have made great friends at JMC. I also have met many talented students. These people have opened my eyes to just how talented so many people are in Sydney. JMC has great lecturers and David Bell is a great mentor. I have also learnt to work a a team and be more patient.
What advice would you give to other students here?

Go for your passion and keep on persevering. I find it really hard to study but there have been great people who have helped me along the way. 

What are your favourite things about studying at JMC?
The environment is so bubbly. Love the one on one tuition with industry professionals 

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have 3 objects with you, what would they be?
My bass guitar, food, and hopefully Alladin’s lamp so I can get all my wishes granted.

The boys will be playing here at JMC Academy at our Sydney Campus soon, so keep your eyes open on our Facebook page!