Brearne Cavallaro lands Foxtel Job


After completing her Bachelor of Communications, Majoring in Digital Film and Television Production at the JMC Academy in 2006, Brearne quickly became employed by Foxtel. Brearne claims the practical projects she brerane_cav.jpgundertook during her studies such as working on making television commercials, music videos, short films and the JMC showcase, made her application for the Foxtel role stand out amongst other candidates. "This and countless hours of free work experience in my own time outside of study also helped!" says Brearne.

As Production Assistant, Brearne is required to do the pre-production for and assist on location shoots for an afternoon-hosted block ‘Sarvo’. This involves getting a call sheet out, gathering Props (usually a lot of Slime) and wardrobe pieces needed for the shoot. She also work closely with the producers and the production team to develop ideas and concepts for the segments.

"At the moment my work revolves around re-launching our channel for Pre-schools Nick Junior and also the preproduction of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards"
Brearne also credits her studies at JMC Academy for teaching her the importance of story and narrative structure and how these techniques may be use your work to make interesting entertaining content. Brearne says "this is vital in children’s television as kids have a seriously short attention span."

Brearne has one recommendation for current Digital Television Production students and this to "get as much work experience as you can and network!"

Brearne also works with five other JMC Academy graduates at Foxtel. She believes that together they are able to offer employers like Foxtel high-level practical experience, creative understanding and technical Knowledge. "At the JMC Academy, we were taught by true industry professionals who have practiced what they preach. For employers such as Foxtel and Nickelodeon, that is a great thing."