Berklee College of Music at JMC Academy

As a member of the Berklee College of Music’s International Network, and the only Australasian institutional partner school, JMC Academy often have the prestigious school come down under to present workshops and master classes. 

JMC Academy has been working collaboratively with Berklee for over five years on a variety of interesting initiatives. This June 2016, Berklee came to our Sydney Campus to present a free hands-on music and songwriting master class to JMC students and the public. 

Berklee Professor Russ Hoffman had an excellent reception, freestyling on the piano, jamming to the students and discussing musical form.  
‘Form is a type of architectural structure of which music is built’ he discussed as he played and analysed music from varying genres including Stevie Wonder and Adele. 

‘I think it’s a lot like language, we have ideas and we react to them and form is how it all hangs together.’ 

With a diverse and talented student body representing 96 countries, and alumni who have collectively won more than 250 Grammys and Latin Grammys, Berklee is the world's premier learning lab for the music of today—and tomorrow.
We are very proud to have associations with Berklee College of Music. Find out more information about the courses available here at JMC Academy,  or Enquire now. 

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