Benefits of studying at a private College

One of the most important decisions you will make as a student is whether to study at a private or a public college.

Different institutions offer extremely different experiences. With a vast range of courses and education providers available in Australia, it can be difficult to know where to study, recognise the benefits and choose the path that's best for you.

Your decision will depend on what you want to study and what type of career you want to have. Let us tell you how a private college is beneficial for you! 

Smaller campus

Private colleges are usually smaller in campus size than public colleges and usually focus on one particular field of study.   

Do you get the sense that not even your teachers know who you are? A smaller campus size means the classes also become more friendly and engaging with no need for boring lecture theatres. This means students and teachers become more interactive and share their thoughts and experiences. 

Community feel 

The sense of community is much stronger at private colleges. Students have a sense of belonging and a feeling importance, not just being a student number and feeling lost in the crowd like at large colleges. Students may find it easier to make new friends, get familiar with the campus and facilities and settle in amongst peers quickly.

Graduate faster 

Imagine graduating in just two years? At a private college such as JMC Academy you’ll have the opportunity to do an accelerated Bachelor Degree. This two year course means that trimesters give students a balanced curriculum in a shorter time. This will mean our students will be working in the industry and pursuing their dreams sooner while earning the same qualification! 

Real Mentors 

Private college lecturers are well connected experienced professionals and become great mentors to their students. They create an atmosphere that allows students to achieve maximum opportunity and academic success. Lecturers strive to give students better guidance, a more tailored learning experience and are genuinely interested in your progress and your future. 

Balanced curriculum and preparation for the workforce

Private institutions generally offer a combination of more practical and hands on assessments with production based work compared to the theoretical nature of many university courses. At JMC Academy, students will graduate with a professional portfolio and be prepared for the workforce and have a competitive edge over other students when looking for a job.   

Student FEE-HELP Loans 

Fancy the idea of studying now and paying later? FEE-Help is a Commonwealth loan given to eligible fee-paying students to help pay part or all of your tuition fees. This means you can study now and pay off your FEE-Help once you begin working in the industry. Students who study at JMC Academy are eligible for FEE-Help. To find out more about FEE help click here. 

Create the best opportunities

If you are a hands on person who loves being surrounded by students who are likely share the same interests as you, enjoys engaging classes in state of the art facilities, creating opportunities, working really hard and reaping the rewards, than studying at a private college is for you! 

To learn more about studying at JMC, click here.