Being one of Australia's busiest music producers

What does it take to be one of Australia’s busiest producers?

Michael Carpenter runs Love Hz studios and has produced one of the largest catalogues of work in Australian recording history.On average he produces over 50 albums a year and takes on a range of projects from pop to country and a range of subgenres.

Michael speaks to us about what his production process is like, giving you a rare insight into a workflow that has churned out many of Australia’s musical ideas into albums.

“I start by making sure communication is key, I always have a very open dialogue with the artist to ensure I know what record they want to make, it’s vital.’

‘From there we chat about what kind of instruments and sounds they are going for, what musicians would suit their style, so there is a lot of back and forth, a lot of listening to demos and there is certainly a lot of listening to each other.

Sometimes a demo may be very raw, and like most producers, the emptier it is the more it allows us to fill it in together and build something from the ground up. Sometimes it may be a case of lyrics need to be re-written and that is where a co-writer's agreement comes into place, occasionally, but more rarely than anything else, a songwriter will take the song away and rewrite a part then proceed to bring it back to be produced. It comes down to what each artist wants from the process and that itself is very unique.'

'By the time we hit the studio to make the record, we can rack up several months of meetings, pre - production sessions and the like, there are a lot of notes I make along the way to ensure we head in the direction everyone agrees on. The majority of the records I produce, I also mix. That allows me to take the project in a very concentrated direction; it’s a big thing for us here at Love HZ studios. By being able to really be a part of the process from beginning to end, we’ve built a great pool of clients who really allow us to share their journey with them.

The last step of mastering will usually go to one of a handful of mastering engineers we regularly use, dependant on the project and the end product we are looking for.

My advice to anyone looking to get into this field, is like most things, it’s not an easy path, but it’s a rewarding one. I’ve been able to make some great friends along the way and teaching has also allowed me to have people in my life I may otherwise have not met. They have also gone on to work in the industry, including here at Love Hz, as well as do really great things in general, such as re paint a guitar for me and give it a life and tone it otherwise didn’t have- I love my Clapton !'

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