Being Mindful to Mother Nature

It’s one thing to take care of yourself, but it’s another thing to take care of the world you live in...

You’ve seen the news, your podcast hosts are going nuts and Twitter is booming. The state of our environment has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and for good reason. But, sometimes out of the bad can come some good as we are frequently seeing more and more companies of all sizes adapt their business models to work towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of operation.
You may think that being a one person in the grand scheme of things, your contribution would go unnoticed. On the contrary, everything that you do, big or small makes a huge impact in the long run to changing habits for the better of the environment. This Wellness Week, we ask you to get creative with ways to help the environment with a few suggestions below.  

Build Up What Was Burnt Down

We’ve all been deeply devastated by the recent bushfires Australia has endured. What has come from this situation is an outpour of love and support from musicians, businesses, designers or just your average joe, doing their bit to raise awareness and some much-needed donations. Some more suggestions to do your bit, start buying directly from bushfire-affected businesses (check out @spendwiththem on Insta). Use your social media influence to educate more of your peers regarding the current disasters that are occurring. Donate to causes you believe in that will help build up affected areas back to their original glory whilst assisting everyone who lives in these areas and who have lost everything. Every little bit counts.

Recycle Everything You Can

This one is a no-brainer; recycle everything that you can! Don’t be lazy and just bin your bottles, cans or containers - hit that yellow recycling bin. If there isn’t one readily available, take your empty bottle home to recycle it there. Think beyond rubbish, hand down any old guitars, cameras, drumsticks and anything in between to make sure that old gear isn’t going to waste.

Update the Way You Student

Late nights gigging, early morning writing, all day programming - a creative's day is full to the brim. In those little pockets of time between projects, take some time out to reassess how your actions on campus affect the environment.
Your need for coffee to get you through the day is undeniable. How to make a sustainable decision? Start bringing your keep cup with you. Some cafes and eateries may even give you a sneaky discount for your BYO decision. If you don’t own one, go and check in with admin to purchase one of our JMC keep cups. Coming to campus ready to take those super important notes, want to reduce paper wastage? Bring your iPad or laptop and start using those fancy apps to record those impromptu song ideas and scribble those sparks of inspirations.

Do the Little Things Right

Always grab the glass bottle over the plastic one, if you must print - print double sided, don’t forget your reusable bags when you go shopping, choose eco-friendly drum skins, double check that all of your lights are out and you turned off your computer before going to bed after a mixing session, don’t sing the entire extended version on Bohemian Rhapsody every time you shower and limit the time that the water runs, say no to plastic straws and cups when receiving your rider, and for crying out loud DON’T LITTER! If you’re forgetting, we think it’s time to write that award-winning jingle as your morning reminder.
Do your part as a creative in keeping this world beautiful for not just us, but all the generations after us.