Courses come together to create 'Battle of the Bands'

In Trimester 4, Entertainment Business, Music Performance and Songwriting students used the network they have established together and began to really make names for themselves in the local scene. 

Photo: James Deakin, Hindsight Visuals

Brisbane Entertainment Business student Christian Kafritsas, along with his class mates, have joined forces with the JMC Music Department to go above and beyond in their Professional Practice Integration project to produce ‘Battle of the Bands’. Christian tells us about how it all went down and the highs and lows of organising this brand new event!

Tell us a little bit about your professional practice project in Tri 4 - 'The Battle of the Bands'?

The aim of ‘JMC Takeover – Battle of the Bands’ was to integrate the entertainment business and music department to create, organise and manage an event. This subject allowed each person to take part in a role they aspire to be in future or had interest in. These management roles included an event manager, stage manager, venue + artist liaison, marketing, logistics and finance just to name a few. From then on, our class became a management committee and at the end of trimester held JMC’s first ever ‘JMC Takeover – Battle of the Bands’ at The Zoo. 

How did you get your ‘Battle of the Bands’ event organised?

To ensure our event stood out from previous years, we aimed to be as creative as possible with the concept and marketing of the event (which included bombarding campus with event posters and balloons). The concept of ‘Battle of the Bands’ was inspired from the music-comedy film ‘School of Rock’, however the idea of a cover song and prizes were decided as a group. Five JMC bands performed a thirty-minute set that was judged on their originals and a rendition of Outkast’s pop hit ‘Hey Ya’. Two prizes were awarded on the evening, $100 cash prize to the band with the most fans in attendance and $400 cash prize for the voted winner.

What have been the best and hardest parts of the ‘Battle of the Bands’ event?

The best but most stressful part had to be the day of the event. Seeing our posters around campus and being unaware of who will be actually attending besides the bands and ourselves. It was a scary thought. However, when we saw the attendance, it was such an achievement to see that our marketing reached an audience even outside of JMC Academy. 

The hardest part had to be dealing with the multiple parties required to organise the event, such as the venue, music department and members of our management committee. Working in such a large group already had its challenges, but then having to communicate with all the other parties involved was definitely a big test. 

What was it like to organise an event in one of the most iconic venues in Brisbane?

Having the opportunity to organise an event at an iconic venue such as The Zoo was quite surreal. The venue has been responsible for holding so many big acts in Brisbane. It almost seemed impossible when The Zoo came into question for our project, but luckily, the venue was available and they were interested in our event so, it went ahead.

What advice would you give to other students?

  • Don’t take Professional Practice for granted as it could be the most worthwhile time at JMC Academy
  • There will definitely be setbacks during the process. Take all obstacles that occur in to consideration and make a decision that will work best for your group and the event. 
  • Take in every word, opinion and recommendation made by your lecturer. Their experience is very useful throughout the trimester. 
  • Bring your creative ideas to life; it will be the only way your event will stand out from the trimesters before you. 

What has your experience organising event taught the you about the workplace, and your future career?

‘Battle of the Bands’ taught me that nothing is impossible. Booking an iconic venue, motivating the music students to take part, creating an original concept and selling tickets to the event are all very possible. This all comes down to completing your individual work at the highest standard and ensuring your management committee work as a team. 

How has JMC helped you?

In February 2017, our cohort were fresh-faced students that nervously entered JMC Academy with no idea of what the future held. That familiar feeling tends to return at the start of each trimester. JMC Academy has taught me that you only get out what you put in. If you’re willing to put the effort into each subject then you will get the information, advice and guidance that you need. Don’t arrive to class staring at the clock because you’re missing out on vital information that could be very useful to your future. 

Rather than tell me what my future should be, JMC has identified my strengths and how I can use them to make a useful impact in the entertainment industry. I don’t have a set path in regards to what I want to do in the industry once graduating, however, I know exactly what I’m capable of and couldn’t have been possible without studying at JMC Academy. 

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