Bar Doco launches Career in Film

A Liverpool teenager with a passion for film has been awarded a scholarship which may set her on the way to a movie career. 

Ashleigh Thompson, 19, of Chipping Norton, has been awarded one of five scholarships to study Digital Television and Film Production at the JMC Academy in Sydney. 

Her JMC Academy scholarship covers her first year tuition fees and means she can work with industry experts. Miss Thompson said her passion for cinema began when she was a small child. 

She said it grew after watching films made by Baz Luhrmann, James Cameron and Guy Ritchie. It wasn't until a year 12 careers meeting that she realised it was more than just a passion. 

"My teacher said to ask ourselves 'if we didn't have to work for another day in our lives, what would we spend our time doing?'," Miss Thompson said. "So I thought to myself, well, I would sit at home watching TV and movies all day. Why not do that as a career." 

Miss Thompson researched the industry to see what openings there might be for her. 

"I knew before I finished school what I wanted to do and how to get there," she said. "Receiving this scholarship is a dream come true." For her major assessment Miss Thompson submitted a documentary based on her family and friends who hang out in the bar her dad built in their backyard.

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