Audio Engineering Student Jesse: My Internship Story

Audio Engineering student Jesse Laing came study at JMC to originally better his post-production skills when it came to making music. However, after being exposed to a variety of different audio roles, he is now looking to start his own business for audio, writing music for film, animation, and video games, as well as SFX.

Jesse recently carried out an internship at a local live sound company in Brisbane, hosting for events and festivals. Having a good relationship with his course tutors, Jesse used these connections to secure himself the internship.

“Most of the internship revolves around weekend work, hosting for events and festivals. So, all events would start out arriving a few hours before the crowd would to unload all the gear required for the day, including lighting and most of the time, backline gear as well. Setting up and making sure every worked, we would start getting bands in for a quick sound check of the system and monitors, leaving myself usually to manager the monitors for the day. Once the event was over, it was basically a reverse of the unload, and that would be the simplified version of it all, excluding the occasional faulty line that required you to jump on the stage and change it without affecting the performance.”

Internships and work experience is a great way to meet industry connections, add to your CV and learn in a hands-on environment. “I’ve learned that things can simply not go to plan, and you must expect that. Live Sound is a constant on your feet, micromanaging event, and you must be ready to make a quick change, or work around any problem that might arise. It could probably be said for all industries, but when the microphone for the saxophone player dies in the middle of a song in front of 500 people, you really must be able to repair that in no time, without disturbance and hesitation.” 

Jesse discussed the importance of networking, and how that heavily influenced his decision to study at JMC. “The Audio industry is a very heavy network based group, especially in the heart of the city. Everyone here knows someone else who is working in the industry, whether it be the engineer at a local club, or shopkeepers at a music store, and JMC’s teachers and facility staff house these very people. I was relatively new to Brisbane, having lived mostly on the Gold Coast, so it’s great being able to meet people every time I’m there that works in the local club down the road, or knows where to get a great deal for equipment.”

“Besides that, JMC’s teachings are pointing you into the heart of the different areas of audio, with big emphasis on Live Sound and studio mixing. The exposure to all ranges of Audio means you get to learn about every industry that uses Audio and how to get started in that area yourself. One of the classes about the introduction into film and TV audio was a defining point in my study life personally, and the reason I am pursuing it with the knowledge I got from it.”

Jesse’s advice. 

“Don’t be afraid of putting your hand up, to either ask questions or volunteer. Aside from the experience you’ll get from it, it all leads back to that whole networking situation, which will only lead you to getting asked for more opportunities, and in return, gets you more exposure and contacts that are invaluable when entering the industry. And about the asking questions, you’re there to learn, everyone there has been in your shoes at some point about the same topic you are curious about, so just ask.

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