Audio Alumni Combines Studies and Talent to Release Brand New EP

Audio Alumni, Saffire Rose Fletcher, has been very busy since leaving JMC. After a JMC lecturer caught a glimpse of her talent, she has since been making music and sharing it all around Australia. On the back of her new EP, ’11:11’, we were able to have a chat with Saffire and discussed her new music, music video and how her audio studies has helped her musical career so far.

"Trust the process. Don't disregard anyone's advice. It serves a higher purpose that you'll learn to make sense of later on down the track."

What have you been up to since graduating from JMC?

I have been gigging from Sydney to Brisbane and now Melbourne, where I'm currently based. I met my manager, Peter Hoffmann, and we started recording my EP, ‘11:11’, early last year.

From there I've moved from the open mic night circuit and started scoring paid gigs as a headliner all around Melbourne. A highlight has been doing the Australian KISS Convention last year and opening for KISS drummer, Peter Criss.

 I now have my own band and have been doing a few radio shows. I also recently had a TV appearance with ‘Live for Music TV’.

What made you want to study audio?

I always had a strong love for music, but I didn't know which avenue offered the highest capacity of potential growth. One day I posted an acapella version of my original song and my lecturer, Peter Moses, identified I had the talent and capability to become a singer song writer.

You have a brand new EP coming; tell us a bit about it and what inspired some of the music on it?

My songs were originated from poetry I had written. Life observations, experiences and lessons I had learned. I was oblivious they'd become songs.

You have also released an amazing new music video to go along with the new EP. Tell us about this video and where the ideas for it came from?

The video naturally grew as organic experiences. I sometimes visualise ideas prior to putting my craft into practice. I write a storyboard of real life events that have transpired and watch them reignite. The song, ‘Time Warp’ was about feeling stuck. I proceeded to feel stuck when I filmed the video. So everything I’m presenting is from a raw place.

How has your audio course helped you in your music career?

It helped with influencing the direction of my EP. I got to apply the knowledge I had learned from my course was able to help the producer grow in the certain areas he needed it.

What were your favourite things about studying at JMC?

The passion and love for music. Watching my lecturers face light up when he was sharing something dear to him.

How do you feel JMC prepared you for a career in the music industry?

Teamwork and identifying I was in the right industry. I just had to grow.

What advice would you have for new and current students?

Trust the process. Don't disregard anyone's advice. It serves a higher purpose that you'll learn to make sense of later on down the track.

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