Audio Alumni Brenton

Since graduating from Audio Engineering and Sound Production in 2011, Brenton Mortelliti has been working hardbrenton.jpg in the industry, now working as an Assistant Staging Manager at one of Melbourne’s 5 star hotels through Staging Connections.

We caught up with Brenton Mortelliti to have a chat about his time since graduating and the advice he would give to current Audio Engineering students!

Tell us about what you have been up to since graduating from JMC?
I started working at Staging Connections about a week after I finished at JMC in 2010 and have just hit my 5 year mark with the company. I spent a small amount of time as a crew member and am currently an Assistant Event Staging Manager at one of Melbourne's 5 star hotels.
What do you like best about working at Staging Connections?
It’s quite varied, I work on a range of different types of events from small meetings to large gala dinners and conferences keeping things fresh. I also have a range of responsibilities from sales to operations which also keeps the days moving quickly.

 What did you find that you weren’t aware of before working there? 
Audio is a very small part of what we do so I had to learn the vision and lighting side of the business very quickly. Luckily audio is probably the one skill that is subjective, you have to have a good set of ears to be a good audio tech whereas vision and lighting are more straight forward and have minimal subjectivity.
How did you get this position?
I applied directly to staging connections for a position as an Audio Visual technician. I got the idea to apply through a couple of my lecturers who were old Staging Connections employees.
What advice would you give to current students currently studying and wanting to get an opportunity like this?
A big part of the Corporate Audio Visual industry is customer service, you can be the best audio visual technician in the world but if you have no customer service skills then you aren't going to make your clients feel like you have everything under control. 

My advice would be to get a customer service job whilst studying to get comfortable with this, I myself worked in stores like Mitre 10 and Harvey Norman which helped build my confidence with customers. I would also suggest learning as much as you can about vision and lighting so you can be more of an all-rounder than just an Audio technician. If you are looking to get into the sales and management side I still suggest being a technician first, this really allows you to understand how shows work and makes your life much easier.

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