Audio Alumni back at JMC Academy for Music Production Workshop

Over the first weekend of June, a group of JMC Academy alumni participated in an intensive music production workshop centered around the use of JMC Academy's SSL Duality mixing console at the Sydney campus.

Over the two days the students recorded and produced a single for Sydney band, No Art. Not only did this provide JMC Academy alumni with the opportunity to work with a very talented and exciting group of artists, but also the chance to gain first-hand experience with one of the world's most renowned mixing consoles.

With JMC Academy lecturers Nick Franklin, Oliver Marlan and Dale Cruikshank, the ex-students covered everything from pre-production to advanced drum recording techniques, not to mention how to best use the SSL Duality in a music production environment.

At the completion of the workshop the students were ecstatic to have had the chance to work on console and the band were very happy with the results.