Animation student in focus: Internship and Major Project

Animation student Amanda Wiseman has recently carried out an internship at Animation studio Dave Enterprise, storyboarding and making animatics. 

Amaznda-Wiseman.jpgSecuring the internship through JMC’s industry connections, it gave Amanda the opportunity to explore “new approaches in workflow and drawing techniques.”

Internships are a great opportunity for both students and companies, as Head of Production at Dave Enterprise Animation Studio, Michael Pattison described. “One of our long-term company goals is to create the next generation of pre-production artists within Australia who can not only match the required quality levels, but deliver above and beyond to our national and international clients alike, This, is why we will continue to take on JMC Academy interns.”

 “Amanda was able to take direction, work independently and brought an eager to learn attitude with her each time she joined us in studio. She had a great grasp of the professional grade software we use in studio which is always a very encouraging sign and testament to what she learnt at JMC. She was able to combine that with and add to her existing knowledge during her 3 months in the studio.”

amandawiseman2.jpgSince carrying out her internship, Amanda has been working hard on her Animation course major project. “Major Project has been intense, there is a lot to do and never enough time to do it. I am the director and I'm fairly ambitious when it comes to the things I choose to create, so to achieve anything close to the ultimate goal I need to put all of my time into it. It's been hard and there have been ups and downs, but I have a great team so the end result will hopefully make it all worthwhile. If all goes well, we are hoping to enter our film into festivals, so it gives us more incentive to keep pushing for better results.”

“I would love to work in animation studios making films, either modelling, animating, or in the art department and see where that takes me. And then hopefully one day I will be in a position where I can make my own films and shows. 

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