Aimee Rocks in the USA


Aimee_Francis.jpgJMC Academy Melbourne Popular Music and Performance student Aimee Francis was approaching the end of her Bachelor Degree when she was discovered by RPJ Promotions Manager, Leigh Johnson whilst playing a gig at Revolver in Prahran.

Originally from Brighton in Melbourne, Aimee attended St. Leonard’s College in Patterson River before furthering her studies at the JMC Academy. Aimee has been passionate about music all her life. Today, Aimee describes her music as a combination of commercial rock and pop, with influences from The Baby Animals, The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith.

The talented solo artist, who sings and plays guitar, went to the United States last year to meet with potential producers for her debut album ‘Somethin’ Like That’. ‘Somethin’ Like That,’ is based around the pop/rock genre and all of the songs have been written by the talented up and coming young solo artist. Two tracks for the record were recorded locally in Melbourne at Kick’s Studio with Andrew DeSilva, who has worked with various local artists such as Ricky Lee from Australian idol. The other tracks were worked on at Henson Studios in Hollywood, LA.

Aimee’s Promotions Manager, Leigh Johnson, describes her as “an amazing human being” … and confidently adds…“See you at the Arias next year!” Aimee is currently living in North Hollywood where she is close to the recording studio. “As an entertainer this is definitely the best place to be right now whilst I’m focusing on my music career.”

When asked what she most enjoyed about her Popular Music and Performance course at JMC Academy, Aimee says “learning from people’s experiences has opened up my eyes. It has especially been great to learn more about the business side of the course. What I definitely valued most however, was guitar tuition with legendary guitarist John Dallimore. He is amazing. It’s fantastic to learn from teachers of such high calibre.”

“JMC Academy prides itself on producing the finest quality graduates from within the creative industries. JMC is dedicated to providing top industry qualified trainers for its students. Teachers there have been nominated and won Arias, worked with international artists and are highly recognised in their professions.”
What does the future hold for Aimee Francis? Aimee says definitively, “video clips, photo shoots, sponsorship deals, tours and a whole lot of music! A debut album that people will hopefully dig. It’s all very exciting.”