Advice from Game Development & Animation Graduates

Sometimes, it's great to get some feedback and advice from people who have been through it to help you succeed. So we've chatted to some of JMC Academy's Animation and Game Development graduates to get their advice for current or prospective students. 

"Learn as many things as you can and share with others. Don't let any opportunity goes to waste."

Adriano Andigracio 
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“Step outside your mold and do your own thing, you may learn new and different ways you didn't know before that. If there are interests that you have outside your current course of study, then make sure to pay attention to them as you never know where your career will take you.”

Brett Morris, Motion Graphic Artist
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“You may think that it’s only university and you’re not in the workplace yet but your attitude and work ethic in class can directly affect your future. My job at Iloura is a result of Sean noticing how hard I worked throughout my degree. The connections you make while studying, whether it is a student or teacher, can open doors for you that you may not have even knew existed. “

Rachel Neville, Animation Coordinator at Illoura
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"My advice to current students would be to always ask questions if ever hesitating about how to approach the projects/ assessments to get the best results out of their degree because it will benefit them in the long run. I would also suggest making a definite time management schedule to balance between assessments and social activities because it can get really stressful and difficult at times to keep focusing on just one or the other."

Nicholus Herrera

“Find whatever discipline you love, whether it be modelling, animation, rigging, etc. Just start doing it every day. Get really good at it. And before you know, someone will want to start paying you money to do it.”

Egan Wesener, 3D Generalist at Liquid Animation
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“Play more games! Watch more cartoons/movies! Make sure the fire in you never stops burning! Go the extra mile to add that fine detail in your animation. It makes a world of a difference. Watch other student reels and compare them to those who are already working in the industry. Try to find out what you lack and improve from there. Lastly, work smart and hard.”

Li Wen Koh
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