Advice for your first week of College or Uni from JMC students

Everyone needs a bit of advice sometimes, especially as your first week rolls around. So, we’ve got the low down from our current students on key advice that they learned after their first week here studying at JMC Academy. Take it all in… 

“Make as many friends/talk to as many people as possible. The people I met in my first week of Uni are still my best friends all these trimesters later. Plus, it is great for networking if you want to utilise their skills in the future and if they want to use your skills too!” - Justine May

“Get to know your lecturers straight away, introduce yourself and say hi.” - Jake Brennan 

“Get to know your timetable and where all your class rooms are located so that you know where you have to be quickly and with ease!” - Matthew Bortolin

“Remember to breathe. And don't be afraid to talk to the students who have been here a while. We don't mind helping.” - Angie Claire

“Make sure to follow the Facebook page. Once you do, you'll be enlightened.” - Jacob Youn

“Back your work up!! If it’s not in at least three places at once, it’s not backed up.’”Dylan Anstey

“The key thing is to just have fun, but, also don’t aim for just passes. Don’t try to calculate how much you need to "just pass". Work hard and aim for those high distinctions, don’t be afraid to ask questions (chances are someone else won’t know either and is scared to ask), and just enjoy the ride.” Mauricio Amaya

“Good time management is key. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Plan when everything is due and schedule everything in and stick to your plan.”James Gillet

“Go to things! Everything you can. It gets harder to do the busier uni gets but is the best way to make friends & collab. Set alarms for all your assessment deadlines. Do outlines for all your assessments, saves so much time but takes hardly any to do in advance. Stay on top of daily australia & musician practice. It'll help so much!” - Abi Wake

“Take the stairs instead of the elevator.” - Angela Paoki

“Have an open mind about everything, even if it may be uncomfortable at first just go for it. Make friends and ask questions constantly if you are not sure... The lecturers are awesome and they will always give the best advice and encouragement.” - Tabz Grashuis Emberson

“Talk to as many people as possible. Build your network and make some life-long friends simultaneously!”- Ethan Wato

“Attend as many workshops as possible - trust me, it's worth it!” - Natasha Mace

"If you can try to make some social events with your classmates, drinks, dinner, concerts or movies. It's a nice way to get to know them. Even for myself who is incredibly shy I have to force myself to let you my guard down. Once you give a bit of yourself to people they'll give a bit back to you." - Hugo Foong

“First week is a good Baby-Steps week for you as all lessons will introduce its subject, BUT pay attention to the brief of the UNIT OVERVIEW as from then you can slowly manage your time for assessments and other things. WRITE NOTES. YOU WILL NEED IT! And lastly, HAVE FUN AT JMC ACADEMY!” - Dewa Bagus

And from our Head of Film and TV Production in Melbourne, Peter George; 

  • “Don’t be afraid to ask questions! No questions are dumb questions!
  • Don’t just connect with students from your own discipline! Seek out students from other disciplines!
  • Check out the local area - On foot preferably and possibly with a group of new friends! Where are the cafes, transport routes, banks, post offices, bars, all day parking spots, parks, quiet spaces?
  • Don’t expect to rush and take everything in all at once! - Take things in your own stride but have a study plan! Allow for the fact that for each hour of in-class tone, you should allow another hour for your own research, reflection, creative development and mindfulness / critical reflection!"

And finally, advice from our Head of Animation and Game Development in Sydney about starting a new job (although it TOTALLY applies to starting a Uni or college)

Good luck! 

We can't wait to have you here!

Don't forget, student support is on campus every day during your studies if you have any issues, concerns or just need to vent. 

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