Adrian Narayan in Fiji Times

JMC Academy alumni Adrian Narayan recently returned home to Fiji, where he sat down with a reporter from the Fiji Times to reflect on his experience of studying overseas, and to discuss his upcoming music release.


Adrian graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) and is currently working with his band Petrichor on their debut album. 

Currently based out of Melbourne, 26 year old music graduate Adrian Narayan is an emerging young guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer with an ear for all musical genres. Born and bred in the suburbs of Fiji, three of his songs are currently being played on 2Day FM in Melbourne.

In a recent interview with the Fijian Times, he says "I've been interested in music from as long as I can remember and I've always been a listener. I was always focused on a career in music and would not settle for anything else.”

Adrian was influenced by guitarists such as Slash from Guns and Roses and Zakk Wilde. His musical ability is such that he’s able to adapt to all kinds of genres, but says he will be very careful with what he eventually settles on.

For Adrian, arriving in Melbourne was intimidating and confusing but he was determined not to lose track of his dream of a career in music – a dream he’s had since he was young. “Melbourne is a huge place and there is so much variety you get overwhelmed," he said. Ultimately in Melbourne I found myself and started getting into what mattered the most to me.”

He eventually teamed up with fellow JMC music graduates Aaron Cerigh (guitars, drums, vocals) and Patrick Goodman (bass) who now form the core of their band Petrichor. They have been using the recording studios at JMC Academy to record their debut album. Currently in the process of adding the finishing touches, they hope to release the compilation throughout Australia towards the end of the year.

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