Adopting a positive mindset - the key to academic success

Studying a creative course allows you to dive into your passion and get the results you want with subjects you love.

Studying, as we all know, can seem a little overwhelming and something we are inclined to put off for as long as we possibly can. Whether it's the next exam or assignment around the corner, JMC Academy's support officer Nadia Menon shares a few tips on getting the job done with minimal stress....

“My biggest tip to making study pain-free is to get organised and prioritise.”

Get organised: At the start of each trimester, look through your unit outlines and make a note of when each assignment is due on a calendar or planner, to give yourself a “bird’s eye” view of the trimester. When allocating time to complete assignments, be realistic about how long you will need and give yourself a little bit of wriggle room in case something unexpected arises. JMC highly recommends starting assignments early, and working on them in stages over a number of weeks. This will not only make the assignment less stressful, but it will give you time to develop your ideas, and create more meaningful work.

Prioritise: If you find that there are not enough hours in the day, it is time to start prioritising. Make a list of all the things you hope to get done in the week. Order that list from most essential, to the least essential. Schedule times for the most important tasks first, and forgive yourself if you don’t get to the less important items on your list. 

“If you feel you are getting overwhelmed, ask for help early.”

Your teacher or Department Head can assist with any of the more challenging aspects of your course work or assignments. The best way to approach your teachers is to either talk to them during class, or email them and schedule a meeting. Don't forget, your Academic Support Officer is also trained to help you in all aspects of academic work including writing and research, and can help you learn effective study skills and time management techniques. JMC has a counsellor on every campus, who can teach you strategies to destress. 

Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness; it is a skill that will help make your journey through higher education smoother and more successful.

Book a session with your Support Officer today - get in quick as they do tend to book out leading up to exam periods:

Sydney: Nadia Menon
Melbourne: Malini Trickey 
Brisbane: Kristine Wellings 


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