Academy Fulfilling Dreams

At the age of 26, Travis Crosbie traded in a well paying job in IT and a house to chase his dream of becoming a filmmaker.

"I'd always been interested in film," he says. "I sold my house to study full-time because I knew I couldn't pay the mortgage and study full-time. I believe you have to dream to know and, if I hadn't done this, I would have always wondered."

Crosbie, now 28, headed to JMC Academy to study film and television production. But he is walking away with far more than a qualification after he and fellow student Roman Meyer spent their final year creating a new class of hero for their film Scratch. The result was an action-comedy tale of a homeless man who runs into trouble with the mob.

A further bonus came when the film was singled out for two top awards at the Martini Awards held during JMC's Annual Short Film Festival. "It's been a great year for me," Crosbie says. The Martini Award entry was a 20-minute extract from the first attempt at a feature-length film, Crosbie explains. The recognition he received at the festival has put him one step closer to his dream of producing Scratch as a full-length film.
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