9 Benefits of Studying Music

With some of the biggest musicians getting their big breaks from YouTube or reality TV, studying music can often be seen as an odd choice of degree. However, musicians like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Steven Tyler all chose to study Music, and we're here to tell you why.

1. Improving your skills and craft

They say practise makes perfect, but practising with the help of industry professionals, trained musicians and performing legends is what really helps to improve your craft. Developing a strong understanding of how to arrange and compose music as well as mastering the tech that will ripen your sound, builds your skillset to the level of a true professional musician ready to take on the industry. 

2. Learning the biz

What is the use of having all of this talent if you don't know what to do with it. If you’re looking turn your passion into a sustainable career, learn how to handle copyright, promote yourself and negotiate contracts and make $$$. 

3. Networking

Meet the people that will build your career. Build and develop a network that will get you more gigs, more recordings and more opportunities to launch yourself into the industry. 

4. Collaborating

Get to know other talented musicians from a variety of genres to collaborate with and develop a sound you may have never thought of or played before. Get inspired by the people around you and experiment with a range of musical methods.

5. Recording studio

One benefit of studying music at JMC, is the recording studios right on campus, free to use for JMC students. Collaborate with Audio students and get your tunes recorded.

6. Music video

Not only can you just get your music recorded on campus, but thanks to our integration units (where courses come together to collaborate on projects) you can get your own music video filmed and edited for free by JMC Film + TV students.

7. Gigging experience

To help build confidence and a sturdy repertoire, JMC helps its students secure gigs around the city in multiple performance venues and events. Many of these gigs can often lead to paid performances due to exposure and the right network of contacts. 

8. Study Abroad

Fancy a trip to London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles? With JMC’s study tours, Contemporary Music Performance or Songwriting students get the chance to travel the world, improving their talent as they go. 

9. Spend every day doing something you’re passionate about

Studying Music means you get to spend everyday jamming with new friends, writing and performing music, and developing your passion into a career. Who would say no to that?!

With connections to APRA and Berklee College of Music, JMC is known to be a launchpad into the entertainment industry for up-and-coming musicians and performers. Contemporary Music + Performance at JMC is about more than just nailing your performance. It is about creating an understanding of how to arrange and compose music, mastering the tech you will use in the industry, and promoting yourself to be heard, loud and proud.

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