8 Tips to succeed in your first graduate job

Congratulations! You’ve graduated and got your first role out in the industry!

However, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Your first role is a real stepping stone to build yourself and develop the dream career you’ve been working towards. 

Your qualification gives you a strong basis of knowledge and skills, and here at JMC Academy we work hard to also help you develop a valuable network of connections. However, there is much more you need to do to make sure you succeed in not only your first role after graduation, but in all jobs after that. 

We’ve put together 8 of our key tips to help you on the path to success, so listen carefully!

1.    Be Open-minded

Volunteer for a variety of projects, and try things you maybe hadn’t considered before. Just because you went into a role thinking you know what you want to achieve from it, it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy or learn valuable skills from various other projects. Get involved and do it with a cheery disposition. Enthusiasm is key so don’t sit on your phone or on social media all day, be focused, get involved and volunteer for a variety of things that come your way. 

2.    Collaborate

Here at JMC Academy, we pride ourselves on the strength of collaboration between courses, and this collaboration is taught to extend into life after graduation. Team work is key in any role, and learning to work well with your colleagues is vital to succeeding in your first role post JMC. 

3.    Be Patient

Growth takes time. Not everyone can learn everything on day one of the job. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but make sure you listen carefully when they answer. Nobody likes people asking the same questions over and over again- make notes if you must. 


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4.    Be Resilient

You won’t always get things right first time, but people don’t grow if they always get things right straight away. The people that really succeed are the ones that fail, bounce back and try again. Learn from your mistakes and use it to guide you and push you to become greater at your job. 

5.    Be Flexible

You have to work your way up to where you want to be, meaning you won’t always get the best tasks assigned to you straight away. You may not like all the jobs you are given in the role, but they’re stepping stones to where you want to be, and all part of the learning experience. 

6.    Be Proactive

If you see that something needs doing, ask if you can help. Don’t just sit around waiting for someone to give you something to do, make yourself useful and offer your skills. Don’t start off by thinking ‘this isn’t part of my job description’, do what needs to be done within reason to get the job done well.

7.    Be Humble

Nobody knows everything. You can learn from everyone around you so never think that you are better than everyone. The best managers listen to their staff and hire people that know things they don’t to make their team stronger. You don’t always have to know everything so be humble and learn from everyone you can. 

8.    Be Curious

If you don’t know something, ask. Google it. Research and keep learning to continue building yourself and make yourself an asset to the company. Every day is a learning day. Just because you have graduated, it does not mean you know everything, it means you have a strong basis to build a career upon and the rest is up to you. 

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