6 Steps to end procrastination

Procrastination is a natural part of doing any piece of work.

However, when a 5 minute check of your friends Facebook status turns into 5 hours later watching videos of cats with hats on playing the piano, you know you’ve reached the point where procrastination has gone too far. 

If you think this is you, then we’ve put together some key tips that can help you on the path to get your work done well and in good time, with minimum procrastination. 

1. Just get started

Half the battle is just starting. Just start putting pen to paper, even if it’s not what will end up in your final piece of work, it is a start! You don’t always have to start with the introduction, this is often the hardest thing to write so start somewhere in the middle putting ideas down. 

2. Reward yourself

Whether it’s a piece of chocolate for every 10 lines you write (or every line depending on how motivated you want to be) or a night out when you’ve finished a big piece of work, make sure you reward yourself. You should be proud of the hard work you have put in so you deserve some kind of remuneration. This leads us to… 

3. Take a break

It is easier to do great work when you’re not tired or overly stressed. You will feel better for taking a break, whether to sleep or to just take your mind off your work. This will also help you to re-evaluate your work. Sometimes when you’re working on the same project non-stop, you can get tied up in a terrible idea. Taking a step back and having a break can help the quality of your work in the long run. 

4. Plan

Split up the project into manageable sections and plan out your work. This not only makes it seem less daunting, but can help keep you on track with time management and the general organisation of your work to keep the project concise. 

5. Ban Facebook

Put a ten minute block on your Facebook page. We all know that Facebook and YouTube can be the biggest source of procrastination so cut it off from the start. It is probably best to do this with all known procrastination source websites so you may also want to block Buzzfeed, Tumlr, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter…. Perhaps everything apart from Google Scholar.  

6. Study Partner

Find a study partner. Not someone that will distract your or chatter away in your ear, but someone that when you start making one to many cups of tea or coffee will tell you to sit down and get on with it. 

Good Luck! And if you're going to procrastinate anyway, why not check out the video at the bottom of this article?

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