5 Sydney Agencies you should know about as a digital designer

The internet has changed the way people conduct business. As digital technologies become more sophisticated, there is a higher demand for visual creators who work in the interactive and digital space. The interactive digital market is rapidly growing.

The Digital Design course at JMC Academy Sydney prepares our students to be creative and ambitious. The best way to gain experience and establish your career path is through an agency or company. Here are some reasons why this will be beneficial to you:
  • Develop fundamental skills you learned at JMC Academy and have the opportunity to work alongside a talented team of innovators with a strong sense of achievement and bringing ideas to consumers. 
  • Diversity of tasks. No work day will ever be the same. You will switch mind sets and brand styles and have the chance to work on multiple projects and get your creative juices flowing
  • Work with some big brands – as part of an agency, you will have the possibility of working on monster accounts which would be difficult to obtain as a starting freelancer. 
While there are a large number of digital agencies in the market, it is important to understand:
  • The strengths and capabilities of the agency
  • The direction the agency is headed – bright and successful agencies evolve to meet the changing needs of the market and its clients
  • Key skills you could offer the agency
  • How you might fit their company culture

Here are 5 Sydney based agencies we think you should know about:

This award winning agency works with leading brands and advertising agencies to produce the communication of complex messages in an easy-to-understand and visually engaging way, through character animation and motion graphics for Television advertising, Broadcast Design, Online Video, Music Videos and more. Adding motion to words, photos, or illustrations enhances your story and amplifies your message.

Motionlab Studios are based in Sydney and Melbourne. Visit Motionlab to view more featured work.

The Reactive
The Reactive was founded in 1997 and is one of the largest and longest running digital agencies in Australia. Reactive opened in Sydney in 2006 and partners with its clients to create unique digital customer solutions. Their core services include design and usability of interface and web design, Mobile app designs, touch-screen and kiosk designs. 

Visit the Reactive here to see more designs.

Design Royale 
Design Royale opened in Sydney in 2006. They focus their strategies on storytelling platforms and websites. The animation and dynamic elements engage an audience through interactivity and an enhanced browsing experience.

Visit the Design Royale and explore their case studies. 

Engine is a multi-disciplinary media production and content company who succeed in bringing ideas to life. Founded in 1990, Engine has recently collaborated with MTV Australia for Beats + Easts and encapsulates design, direction and animation within their portfolio. 

To view more of Engine’s work click here.

Buck is an agency that specialises in design-driven creative and values an integrated collective team who believe in the power of collaboration. They use animation, visual effects and live action to collaborate and produce work that is visceral, innovative, and diverse. Bucks works with clients in advertising, broadcast, film and entertainment industries.

Buck.TV has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Sydney. Visit Buck.TV website here.


“As a student, it’s important to identify at an early stage what type of agency you would like to work with. Let’s say you have an interest in action sports. You should target agencies that work with brands like Redbull or GoPro. Find out what skills and portfolio work you would need to get your foot in the door. It’s important to approach them before you graduate. Here at JMC, we partner with agencies to provide student internship experiences as early as Trimester 4.” – HEAD OF DESIGN AT JMC ACADEMY

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