5 Entertainment Business jobs you could go straight into after graduating

Entertainment Management is different at JMC.

Our focus is to not just create students that walk out with the industry standard bachelor degree qualification, but who gain skills, knowledge and experience in managing real talent, real projects, real content and real events. 
That’s why, we’ve carved a path through our course that will enable you to benefit from our vast industry connections and personalised internship placements, and hit the ground running in any of these roles, straight from graduation… 

1. Talent/Artist Management

Talent/Artist Management is the cornerstone of conducting business in the Entertainment world. This industry revolves around discovering, harnessing and focusing talent, from performing, composing, entertaining or musical talent, to theatrical, modelling, sporting or storytelling talent. This is the foundational building block of the entire entertainment, film, TV, radio, media and music industries. You will be shown by experts how to: scout and assess new talent, nurture and develop talent and finally manage and create new and exciting opportunities for your talent
What you Learn here:
Talent Development (A&R)
Artist Management
Self-Managed Artist
Artist/Band Manager
Music Manager
Talent Agent (actors, models, athletes)
Talent Manager (Bloggers, Vloggers, E-sports stars)

2. Content (Digital Marketing)

Not only will your talent need to have world class content but the marketing of your content is vital. The brave new world of quantum innovation has been applied to traditional marketing and the result is an exciting combination of content creation, content marketing, emotional marketing and experiential marketing that all exist on a transparent platform of authentic transmedia storytelling that supports and adds further depth to your talent/projects/content/events journey.
What you learn here:
Digital Marketing
Content Creation
Content Marketing
Advanced Digital Marketing
Cool Hunting

3. Event Management

Events are a major part of the storytelling and experiential component of delivering engaging touch points for your audience. New and exciting events and activations are explored and learned across the transmedia landscape as well as taking live experiential and immersive events to a whole new level.
What you learn here:
Stage Management
Production Management
Festival Management
Corporate Events

4. Project Management

Projects are creative vehicles to generate high level content and activations of all kind. Content is a vital ingredient to make successful projects come alive. Through the right project, your talent/content can properly resonate around the world, be it music, video, games or apps content, or movies, TV, Radio, Bloggs or daily Vloggs content. Both existing and emerging exposure opportunities and distribution channels are identified and explored so that your projects are at world’s best practice.
What you learn here:
Creative Project Management
Collaboration Projects
Grad Project I+II
FTV Production Management

5. Business Management

This stream brings all the common transferable skills and knowledge together to support your talent/projects/content/events journey. Namely: Entertainment industry career opportunities, money matters, project funding, business planning, entrepreneurism, deal making and intellectual property management.
What you learn here:
Explore Business trends and career opportunities
Copyright and Publishing
Money Matters and Project Funding
Business and Strategic Planning
Deal Making
By studying a bachelor degree at JMC, you will not only leave with the industry standard qualification, but you will also be armed with superior knowledge and skills. That combined with a multitude of practice opportunity, will help you become one of tomorrow’s industry leaders in Entertainment Management.