22 years old, 56 film credits and now my first own film.

Film and Television Alumni, Gus, has worked on over 50 productions since starting at JMC. He is now using that experience, along with the help of a LOT of JMC students to create one of his own. Meet the man behind the future short film - 'Glove'.

"I have put all my time towards studying the craft of Film Making and have had a blast"

Tell us about your short film and the process of how it came about?

The name of the Film is called GLOVE. The film is about Dylan, an aspiring young boxer, fighting in the title fight he has always wanted. It is in this moment, he becomes confronted with his literal and figurative demons of his mother, father and broken childhood that he has tried so hard to fight through. Inspired by a true story, the idea came about in December 2016 and was in script development for 1 year and a bit. Throughout the year I have been constantly asking for feedback from former lectures and screenwriters. Right now this film is co-written by me and my Director Blake Gamble and we are in our final stage of Pre-Production before the shoot!

How many shoots have you been on since you started JMC to now?

I have been in 56 Productions from the start of JMC (2014) to now (2018). The main roles I have had are Cinematographer, 1st Camera Assistant, Gaffer, Grip & Editor. Pretty much in the Camera Department!

How do you think your time at JMC helped you?

I came from a different country to learn something that I am passionate about in a land that I have never been to. I have put all my time towards studying the craft of Film Making and have had a blast. I have so many friends who are now connections in the film industry. I learnt so much from the lecturers and them sharing their experiences with us. Also the chance to use the industry standard gear to create our films is all what sparked my interest to be a Cinematographer.

How did you pull together the crew?

For this project, we have about 35 Crew involved. 25% of the Crew are JMC Academy Film & Television Graduates and the rest are current students enrolled in the Film & Television Department. This is my very first project that I started from scratch, so this is a learning curve for me. I have made a name for myself and a lot of the current students know who I am so I love to give these current students some experience. I spoke to the students one by one and they are all excited to be part of it. We had workshops to prepare for the film so all the students are on the ball and I have full confidence that we are prepared to shoot!

How are you raising money for this project and what do you need the money for?

We are raising our money through crowdfunding and we are using GoFundMe as our platform. Most of the funding raised will be for our actors/actress’, post-production & marketing. I believe you get so much more by paying actors/actress’ for their performance and time. Post-production will see the project be professionally sound mixed and color graded. We want this project to be high quality and be able to send this film to big festivals. We are also going to be selling tickets for the screening of the film in August.

Why have you decided to shoot with the RED?

I have been on a lot of shoots with different cameras from Sony, RED & Arri as a 1st Camera Assistant. I have the opportunity to use the RED EPIC-W for this film and it will be an experience to operate it as a Cinematographer. The shoot will be in native 4K, but there are some interesting shots we have in mind that using 8K will be an advantage for us. I have always wanted to shoot and learn the workflow on working with a RED 8K footage and I can’t thank JMC enough for the opportunity to use it.

What were your favourite things about studying at JMC?

My favorite thing about studying at JMC was the many opportunities that I received to make me who I am today. Coming from a different country, I made so many friends, learned so much from experienced lecturers and a new life experience. I can't thank JMC enough for the experience.

What advice would you give to other students?

My advice to students is to be really open to a lot of opportunities, make a lot of friends, as they will become your connections and make a lot of notes from your lectures, because you can use the notes in the real world and it will help you, a lot!

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