10 websites you need to know about if you're a student

Being a student has sooo many benefits. Not only are you enriching your brain with knowledge, getting to sleep in while your parents stay ever proud of your productivity and paving your way to a successful career, but you get TONNES of free or discounted stuff (WINNING).

We’ve put together a list of key websites you need in your everyday life as a student to save money, find the best cheap drinks (yesssss), free stuff, study hacks and life advice.

1. UniDays

First things first, sign up for this ASAP! This is where you can get all the best student discounts with huge retailers like ASOS, The Iconic, Glue, Urban Outfitters etc etc etc. We’re not saying shop til you drop, but if you did, it would be much cheaper with UniDays. 

2. Recipe Puppy

For those days when you have little in the fridge, yet want to whip up something delish. Recipe Puppy is an ingredient based recipe search engine, so just chuck in what is in your fridge and voila – a recipe to delight. 

3. Google Scholar

Here’s the most helpful for your studies. ”Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines”. Basically, Google Scholar is one of the best ways for you to get reference material for your assignments easily and freely. Insanely helpful! However, don’t forget all JMC students get full access to EBSCO which has a huge range of source types. There are lots of academic journal articles on there, but also industry journals, and just regular newpaper/magazine articles, and Ebooks/videos!

4. Freecycle.org

Free stuff woooo! If you need furniture for your new place, or just fancy seeing what’s up for grabs, jump on here and see what gems people are giving away! Super handy if you want to get rid of anything as well. 

5. Student Edge

More student discounts PLUS paid surveys, competitions, forums, news, jobs, study tools etc etc etc. Made for students, this one is a winner of a site. 

6. Groupon

Everyone knows what groupon is, but it’s easy to forget about it! Before you go anywhere, or do anything, check if there’s a groupon deal to accompany it (there normally is!) 

7. Life Hacker

It does what it says on the tin. Life hacker provides life hacks for EVERYTHING! If you have a problem, they probably have a hack. 

8. Student Portal

Yes yes yes, we may be biased, but the student portal on our web page really is the one stop shop for JMC students. You can jump on Ebsco with your free subscription with JMC and research interesting topics, submit assignments, check your marks (eep!) and a whole lot more on this one handy page. 

9. Student Support

This one’s not a website, but it’s so important we needed to include it. Student support is available on every JMC campus, for students who need help with academic support, or just someone to talk to. If you’re having any issues with anything, book a session with your student support who can help you through. 

10. The Happiest Hour

We’ve saved the best ‘til last. The Happiest Hour lists your local 'Happy Hour' deals, cheap drinks, food specials and Trivia Nights from around Australia & New Zealand. #MAJORWINS
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