What the first 4 weeks of my Game Development Course looks like.

Game Development student Leanna Painemilla talks us through her first 4 weeks here at JMC Academy. 


JMC Academy, it has been only 4 short weeks since I began my course in Games Development and already I am brimming with Information about the games industry. 

I entered this course knowing nothing about the real technical knowledge of the games industry, only with a passion for my dream of becoming a concept artist. Four weeks into this course and I already have expanded my mind so much. I have learnt C# coding, 3D rendered images, art skills and the creative process we use to  take a basic concept and turn it into a much more expanded idea that can work on many levels. 

Coming into the course I have been taught so much by all my Lecturers. For example, in introduction to 3D, we have been using the program Maya to create objects such as oranges and simple shapes like polygons We have used different light sources and material assignments to create shiny or matte objects. So far I have found 3D work to be extremely fascinating as the possiblilities are endless. The creations we can make vary from a simple concept art piece to an entire realistic world. 

This also crosses over into the animation side of things, which also utilises Maya a great deal along with others. I don’t know much about that since my course is Game Development. I do however do programming which, despite the reputation, is actually highly interesting. 

Learning C# coding has actually been an eye opener for me since I knew absolutely zero coding before this course. With only a few lines of code written in a script, I can create simple mechanics for a level. By adding some conditions and loops to my code, I can then give the player input into the game. Having an understanding of the basic variables and different types of code has made my game designs a lot easier to implement and opens up a lot more interesting options for me going forward.

I also have been given the opportunity to work under amazing industry reknowned lecturers who explain every detail. They help me achieve my tasks with full understanding. No minor detail is overlooked. I am certain when I finish my course I will have the confidence to become a well-rounded Game developer, able to work in all aspects of the field from programming to 3D modelling, from concept art to Idea generation. 
My experience of just a few short weeks at JMC Academy thus has been nothing short of an amazing and thrilling ride and I know there is more to come. 

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