Top Tips on Making a Music Video

As integration is a major component of life at JMC Academy, many of our students end up putting together music videos, from concept to final product. This includes collaboration between the Music Performance, Audio Engineering, Entertainment Business and Film and TV courses.

Therefore, to help you along, we have put together some top tips on the making of a music video.


Watch some music videos to find the shots and the look and feel that you like. Listen to the track over and over again to get to know the music and know what the lyrics really mean.  Check out our blog 'The best ways to find inspiration'.


Think about the feel that you want for your video to compliment the lyrics. This will largely depend on the genre of music and the meaning behind the song. Storyboard and jot down all your ideas to help you put it together. 


Plan everything! Decide on a realistic budget and try to stick to it. 
With a little effort you should be able to find loads of free locations , but make sure they fit with the style of your video. Ensure you check if you need permission to film there, and where necessary get permission to shoot your video there. Don't get caught filming without a permit!
Consider the colour palette to be used in the video, choreography, props, story lines, scenery, lip syncing, transport and crew.
Create a check list as it is a great way to stick to your plan. You can check out our blog ‘Tips for Managing an event’ for some great organisation tips. 

On set

Film the whole song in close up and wide shots – these are your master shots. Shoot your star musician/s several times from various camera angles. You may need to shoot the same song up to 10 times, especially if you are covering a group of performances, but it will all be worth the extra effort in the end.
Review the footage again and again to save having to go back and re-shoot, or worse, having bad footage. 
Record everything – rehearsing shots, backstage fun – it may come in handy or you may catch some really great footage without meaning to!
Keep your crew motivated, happy and concentrating. Providing food helps!


Watch any professional, industry-standard music video and you will see that the edit points and the changes from shot to shot are timed to be synchronized to the music. The pace of the edits also tend to increase as the intensity of the music builds to reinforce the pace and feel of the music.
Back everything up! You don’t want to loose all your hard work!

The Finale

Holding test screenings is not only a fun afternoon, but is a great way to get feedback from family and friends. Sometimes when staring at the same project for a time period, you can lose sight or miss small things. This is a great way for you to step back and analyse it from another person’s point of view. 

Promote Promote Promote! Social Media. Network; use any connections you have to get your final product out there. Check out our blog – How to promote your work on Social media. 

Have fun! You’ll be amazing at what having fun can do to a music video. 

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