JMC Academy Steps Up the Pace on 3D Animation Degree

Head of Digital Animation and Game design at JMC Academy, Sean Callinan, was interviewed for Digital Media World on the new two-year Bachelor of Creative Arts in 3D Animation starting February 2013.

old_man_for_animation.jpgThe article explains how the 3D Animation Degree will give students a choice of two streams, 3D character animation and games animation. Both will be based on core content grounded in drawing and visualisation skills combined with practical, modern CG animation skills. 

Sean, after leading the animation and game design department for more than a year now, has aimed to make sure that, as well as the practical modelling, sculpting and computer animation skills, students on the new course have an opportunity to develop abilities in design and storytelling, and learn to take an iterative approach to character design. They will learn critical, creative thinking and effective screen language to apply to animation, acting, performance and screenwriting. 

Among the practical skills in the course is concept visualisation to support storytelling, with storyboarding and animatics based on drawing comics. Character design, also based on drawing, covers modelling, texturing and rigging, plus scene lighting. Animation software now in use at JMC includes Maya and Mudbox, and learning to use 3D Coat will be a part of the new course. All students will have a chance to learn Python and mel scripting skills and the games students will also learn interface design for interactive games.

Now in development at the new campus is a motion capture facility. Helping to take advantage of this is the upcoming integration of students from the Actors College of Theatre and Television, who will have a chance to work on projects as motion capture actors.

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