JMC Academy appears on Twitch

So if you didn’t know, JMC Academy recently teamed up with Twitch TV and was joined by ChinglishTV to stream and play some of our incredible student work on 6T4bites_aus!

Check out the highlights and some of the awesome feedback here:

A Beta World

They got amazing feedback throughout the game:


We previously chatted to the creaters of 'Lumina' as they described how they made their game. Have a read here... 

Everybody absolutely loved James...

Roto Colour Runner

Mog Soldiers

Top Gaming Vlogger @ChinglishTV rocked up and had fun playing along with our student games and loved it… 

​You can watch the whole thing here: 

We also chatted to Josh Braddy from Lumina about his time on Twitch; 

Hey Josh! How did you find your time on twitch?

I really enjoyed my time there. I found myself quite nervous before going on, as I wasn't sure whether my team's game was the kind of experience that really played well in a live-streaming arena. With other games on show that were more flashy and designed with multiplayer fun in mind, the idea of Lumina with it's slow paced narrative driven experience felt somewhat out of place. The people there were very friendly and accommodating though, which helped alot. When I learned that they would be playing the game as opposed to us, I became even more concerned since watching other people play your game - especially when it's not a finalized build - can be a terrifying prospect.

However, it was revealed that my concerns were not well founded. Me and my fellow designer, James, were the third team on and as soon as we sat down I immediately felt very comfortable. I can talk alot at the best of times, but put in a position to talk about something I've helped create? I won't shut up. Also, one thing that initially concerned me - how different Lumina was compared to the other titles - proved to be a serious boon. It's my opinion that the game, and the discussion driven by myself and James, really changed the tone of the stream. The Streamers were asking really great questions and even the tone of the chat seemed to shift as well

What did you think about peoples reactions to the games?

The way that Lumina changed the tone of the twitch stream was really exciting for me. It was definitely encouraging to have the streamers so enthralled by playing it, but then to see the stream's chat light up with statements of approval or excitement was huge. It was really informative as a designer to see what people were immediately attracted to, as it helped me understand both the audience and Lumina on a number of different levels. By the end of the stream, people seemed very excited to have a chance to be able to play it - which is exactly what you want to hear as a designer.

What was the highlight of the night?

For me, the highlight of the night was definitely interacting with the streamers and the stream's chat. Seeing comments like, 'omg this looks amazing' and 'i need to play this now' really made the night for me. To have approval from people you know isn't a particularly difficult thing, but to have it from complete strangers? That was a very validating experience. When you work on something for so long, it becomes difficult to gain real perspective on it, but to take Lumina into this public arena and people respond positively to it was more than just a highlight of the night, it was one of the best experiences of the entire development process.

I am very grateful for JMC for arranging this night, and I'd heartily recommend it to any future students who have the opportunity.

Thanks Josh!

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