Writing the Song In You

Join Eric Ng, the chart-topping Singaporean Mandarin pop music songwriter, producer and arranger, session/touring guitarist and the founder of Funkie Monkies Productions for a unique Masterclass opportunity. 

Eric Ng

Since launching his career in the late 90s, Eric has become a chart-topping staple within the Asian pop scene, establishing himself as a highly acclaimed songwriter, producer and music arranger. Recognized as the launchpad for multiple hits for artists such as A Mei, Sandy Lam, Tanya Chua etc, his success is only over-shadowed by an unprecedented level of creative energy that has fueled him daily for nearly two decades straight. 

His involvement with Xiaohan as composer for musicals such as Liao Zhai Rocks, Lao Jiu and Nanyang: The Musical received rousing appraisals by the media. As music director, he ventured into movies such as 881 and 12 Lotus, directed by Royston Tan and The Voice of China - Turn You Around, directed by Chai Yee Wei. The original movie soundtrack of 881 earned the honor of being the highest selling movie soundtrack in Singapore history.

His unique talent has been stamped across both the commercial and indie spirit of music making, forging catchy jingles for McDonald’s, Super, Samsung and other high-profile brands.

For this masterclass, the Funkie Monkies Founder is ready to give our students an all-access pass into his creative world and talk about working within the Singaporean Music Industry, and the wider Asian-Pop scene in South-East Asia specifically Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. He will also discuss how he balances his work between production, publishing, music consultancy and his all-important songwriting practice, and also talk about the specific musical traits that produce hits in the Mando-Pop scene. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the music industry in South-East Asia and Mando-Pop, this is the place to start!



TIME: 5:00 - 6:00 PM

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