Thursday 9th May 2024 

1pm - 2:30pm

Friday 10th May 2024

1pm - 2:30pm


Year 11 & Year 12 Students


Metro Arts

97 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101



  • Acting & Music Theatre
  • Stage Management
  • Productions
  • High School Student Only
  • High School Teacher/Educator
  • Brisbane

You are invited to attend live performances from our Tri 6 JMC Academy Acting students. They will be performing 'DNA' written by Dennis Kelly.


'DNA is about a group of young people who accidentally commit a serious crime and attempt to cover it up. These characters do something pretty awful, and by telling this story through the guise of young people, we're looking at the entirety of society's response towards cruelty, empathy, pack mentality, and some would even say bullying. 

The young people in the play are a microcosm of a wider society and by calling it DNA, Dennis Kelly poses a question about whether or not these behaviours are societal and learned, or whether these behaviours are just in us all.'

Tom Saunders, head of youth theatre Birmingham Rep. 

We are currently taking expressions of interest from school groups in Years 11 & Year 12. Education packs will be available. 

Please contact Skye, Creative Outreach Coordinator - Brisbane Campus