JMC Academy


The Gershwin Room at
The Hotel Esplanade
11 The Esplanade
St Kilda VIC 3181


Tickets only available at the door: $15

JMC Academy is proud to present the Melbourne Cassette Awards Night in 2022.

The Cassette Awards acknowledge outstanding achievements in student work across JMC's Music, Audio and Entertainment Business Management departments. After a hugely successful first event in Melbourne last year, we are bringing the Cassette's back in 2022, celebrating and recognising our Melbourne students original work!

Join us on Tuesday the 16th August 2022 as we experience student & alumni performances and award presentations, The Gershwin Room at The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda.

Performing Live:

  • Thando
  • Odyssey To The Sun
  • Felicia Lase
  • James Pavlou

Tickets only available at the door - $15

All tickets include a free drink on arrival.
Please note: This event is 18+.

Tickets can only be purchased at the door.

Melbourne Nominees 2022

  • Dimas Mahesha - Sedulous
  • Julian Tanoto Chan – To Eternity 
  • Dreaming Flesh – The Autumn Wind Tune
  • Elyza Day – Dream House 
  • Champagne Jacket – Walls of China 
  • JXCKY – Mad Invite 
  • Eric Fabbriani – Have You Really Been Thinking On Your Own 
  • Julian Tanoto Chan – To Eternity
  • Dreaming Flesh – Campfire 
  • Tuanss – Your Parents Don’t Like Me 
  • Daley Smith – Losing Grip 
  • Julian Tanoto Chan – To Eternity
  • Dreaming Flesh – Live Like A Lie 
  • Holly Isaacson and Jason Cheung – Optical Illusion 
  • Joycely Chan - Serendipity 
  • Felicia Lase – In The End 
  • James Pavlou – Elizabeth St 
  • Jonah Van Stekelenburg – Sleeping With The Moon 
  • Sean Wilkinson – Losing Grip (Artist: Daley Smith) 
  • Dimas Mahesha – Sedulous 
  • Wang Hei Li – Dismal Scent (Artist: Dreaming Flesh) 
  • Sara Stanisavljevic – RECALIBRATE 
  • Felicia Lase – In The End 
  • Vann Amos and Lola Bateman – Evil Lies