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Brett Thornquest



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JMC is proud to present Brett Thornquest - one of Australia’s top Producers - as part of our Exclusive Masterclass Series!

With a dedication to build upon his extensive production and advisory experience, Brett has become the founding partner of Eclectik Vision, a creative media entertainment company, focusing on the development, financing, and production of film and television properties.

Providing the creative and financial capital needed to develop and produce quality film and television properties and allowing the collaboration of creatives to co-develop and produce a shared vision of diverse media properties for the world markets, this company has brought about numerous film projects including InfiniTerminusThe Osiris Child Science Fiction: Volume 1, and Better Watch Out.

Since its inception, Eclectic Vision has begun collaborating with a diverse range of writers, directors, and producers on both their own initiated properties and also those created by themselves.

For this exclusive Masterclass, join Brett as he talks through his slated projects, his process, and his experience co-producing numerous films in the capital of creativity - LA. 

All students will be sent access links and passwords to their student emails!

Check out Brett's latest project Bloody Hell