This event includes 3 x Saturday sessions;

24th June, 1st July & 8th July 2023



9:30 am - 3 pm


High school students in years 10 - 12


JMC Academy Brisbane

75 Grey Street South Brisbane


Free for High school students that are interested in Game Design (limited numbers)

  • Animation & Game Design
  • Workshops
  • High School Student Only
  • Brisbane

Game Design 3 x Saturday Workshop Series

Week 1 – Introduction to Maya
Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of 3D modeling using Autodesk’s Maya. Students will create several 3D assets for use in the Game Design Workshop (that will run in week 3 of the program).

Week 2 – Maya modeling and Substance Painter Texturing
Students will continue to explore 3D modeling using Maya to create game-ready assets. Students will also be introduced to Adobe Substance Painter and the concepts and techniques to add textures to 3D assets. Finding a pre-made rigged character online and using the skills from the previous week's class, they will be constructing a scene to go along with the character that they have chosen along with the assets made from week one.

Week 3 – Introduction to Unity and Game Design
Having spent two weeks creating game-ready 3D assets, students will now explore the design considerations and techniques required to create a simple game level. Using the Unity game engine students will populate their scene (game level) with 3D assets they have created as well as pre-made assets.

Please make sure you can commit to all 3 sessions in this workshop series.

Limited places are available and we will be in contact to confirm your place in the program.



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