4:30 pm to 6 pm AEDT


Maz Farrelly 


Online via Zoom

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Storytelling is entrenched in every aspect of life, it's what engages us and excites us. Join JMC Academy as Maz Farrelly, an expert in making things fascinating, explores Storytelling in Creative Careers.

The workshop is designed to get you thinking about the different ways that you can use storytelling techniques to empower your creative journey. 

Meet the Speaker

Maz Farrelly is a creative innovator she has made and worked on some of the biggest shows on the planet. Working with the biggest budgets, teams, audiences and stars. 

Maz has been the creative vision behind, The X Factor, Big Brother, The Farmer Wants A Wife, Dancing With The Stars and ABC's Q&A

Maz has spent a long time perfecting the art of making things interesting. Equipping smart people and companies with the skill of delivering information in innovative and creative ways. 

This workshop will begin at 4:30 pm and will be streamed via zoom. 

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