Melinda Carbonell (Tobias)
Andrew Moussa (BPay Group)


Online via Zoom


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  • Design (Visual Comm.)
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Join Tobias Design Consultant Melinda Carbonell and BPAY Group's Andrew Moussa in a Design Centric Exclusive Masterclass!

Two heads are better than one". You've probably heard this sentiment throughout your studies or seen this in action when studying, completing group projects or the ins and outs of everyday life. This Masterclass will prove this sentiment effective and necessary in the Design Industry through the collaboration of Tobias Design and BPAY Group members Melinda and Andrew.

Melinda is passionate about deeply understanding people and applying that knowledge to improve their experiences. Drawing upon her background in psychology she is able to unpack the drivers behind people's attitudes and behaviours and translate these findings into frameworks, prototypes, services and product opportunities. Mel also has 10 years experience in the field of education giving her a thorough knowledge of how people learn, interact with others and find motivation.

Andrew is passionate about organisational change and human behaviour. As a change professional, Andrew seeks to understand how change will impact people, processes and systems and ensures the right strategies and activities are put in place to minimise that impact. Currently, Andrew leads the Change & Implementation team at BPAY Group. Prior to this, Andrew worked in both the finance and non-for-profit sectors, across product development and management, relationship management and change management.

In this webinar Melinda and Andrew will share the story of their partnership and reveal the process of collaboration that is essential to fulfil the demands of design material we see everywhere. They will each delve into their personal journey's that have brought them to their current role and the hurdles and learnings that have taken place in the process. Don't forget to stick around for a Q+A Moderated by JMC's Head of Department for Design (Visual Communication) Diana Ayoub and bring as many questions as you can.