6:00 pm AEDT


Nadine Manion 


This Masterclass will be held online via Zoom 

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About this Masterclass

Singers are vocal athletes, regularly testing the limits of what our anatomy can do. Like players on a field, singers will experience injuries and fatigue. And just as athletes have times when they’re not “game fit”, we too have periods where our technique is less than ideal.
It’s all part of being a vocal athlete. But how do you deal with this? Or, better yet, prevent them altogether?

This workshop will give you practical strategies to keep your voice functioning at its highest level and equip you with the knowledge of what to do when you run into vocal trouble.

Included in this session will be a masterclass featuring technical troubleshooting with singers, so you can see in practice how to put these skills in place.

Join Sydney lecturer and vocal health specialist, Nadine Manion while she explores and explains:

- Identifying optimal voice function
- Warming up and cooling down
- Exercising a tired voice
- Strategies for an injured voice
- Things you can do (other than singing!) to keep your voice in good condition

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