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Rounding off our 2020 Masterclass Series, we are proud to be welcoming Perfect Events back with a special guest, the Queen of Confidence Erika Cramer, to help all our creatives learn how to transform trauma into triumph!

Meet Erika Cramer, The Queen of Confidence. She is an international confidence coach and popular 5 star podcast host. The Cardi B of the personal development world, Erika is a full-flavoured, spicy inspirational speaker, with a large dose of heart and humour.

After surviving many traumatic experiences, from childhood sexual abuse, being in and out of the foster care system, car accidents and a whole lot of loss, Erika is a beaming and beautiful example of how you can heal your personal story to transform trauma into triumph.

During this Masterclass, our Perfect Event Host Liliana Sannelli will be interviewing Erika on the eve of her first book release "Confidence Feels Like SH*T". Erika will give you all tips and tricks on how to stay confident during times of doubt that will inevitably make your journey in life more peaceful and joyful.