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Liliana Sanelli is back and has brought a guest along, meet Guy Sebastian and Human Nature's Manager and 'Private Idaho' Founder, Jennifer Fontaine for a Masterclass Must-See for all our future Entertainment Managers

Jennifer Fontaine founded her management company "Private Idaho" in 2007 after 15 plus years with Sony and Warner working with some of the world’s biggest stars like Jeff Buckley, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Mariah Carey. Now manager of Human Nature and Guy Sebastian Jennifer splits her time between Australia and LA.

Private Idaho is a family-focused company composed of brilliant businesswomen. “You’ve gotta surround yourself with the right people,” Jennifer stresses. “I like to share and see my people grow. Private Idaho is all very relationship-driven and positive rather than hierarchical. I believe in empowering people to be great at what they do and if we do that then everyone shines.” In recent years, Fontaine has experienced incredible personal growth thanks to a lifestyle revamp and finds that practicing mindfulness is essential when it comes to juggling the demands of her business and getting the most out of her day.

In conversation with Liliana Sanelli of Perfect Events, Craving Conversations is proud to present Jennifer as her Masterclass guest. Learn how to turn your passions into business, maintain your strong identities as business leaders and how to accept and work with the change that is present amongst up, learning "no" presents new opportunities. During this exclusive Masterclass, join Jennifer as she shares her stories from two decades in the entertainment industry, her secrets for business success and how she remains grounded yet driven in the entertainment industry.

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