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Join So-Type Foundry for an Exclusive Masterclass perfect for the Innovative Designer!

So-Type, a type foundry founded in Stockholm in 2018 is a company driven and dedicated by their love for typography and see it as a focal point of any brand design work. The company sells fonts through its website and designs and develops custom fonts for various clients around the globe, closely connected to the brand design agency Söderhavet.

Introducing you to the talented team behind So-Type, during this Masterclass we will hear from Type Director Baptise Guesnon and Creative Directors Jesper Robinell and Oscar Bauer.

A graphic designer and design technologist working with code, shapes, prints, letters and digital media throughout the entirety of his career, Baptise Guesnon takes versatility to a new level in his work. Moving between the digital and tangible world, Guesnon has expereinced a lifetime of change and innovation during his time with So-Type.

Jesper Robinell does not believe in a standard approach to design, but instead believes in the development and use of the most appropriate visual language for a product or service. From small art projects to brand identities, each and every project is treated individually and afforded the same care and attention. Robinell has been apart of the Söderhavet and So-Type for nearly a decade and has lended his expertise to countless brands and businesses.

Oscar Bauer, praised for his art direction, graphic design, typography and creative development, has too demonstrated his expertise in his field and has contributed to the works of countless branding and design concepts for brands and businesses.

This Masterclass will be split into two exciting sections. First, the team will go through different examples of So-Type custom fonts and take you with us through some of the development steps of a custom type project. Secondly, they will question the staticky of typography and explore some of the new possibilities offered by variable typography. You will be introduced to some of the modern type design issues such as optical sizing, variability an adaptability and how to tackle them. Make sure to stick around afterwards for a 30 Min Q+A Moderated by our very own Design (Visual Communication) Head of Department Diana Ayoub.