Mic to Monitor 2016

Join us at a FREE seminar that delivers key insights into modern day recording, mixing and mastering techniques.

How do the pros do it? What makes great gear great? How is that hit sound achieved? What does it take to become a successful and in demand engineer?

Targeted at music production students, hobbyists and professionals, Mic to Monitor aims to dispel the many myths surrounding the recording process. The events answer those all-important questions such as what makes great gear great, what does it take to become a successful and in demand audio engineer, how do recording professionals tackle different aspects of their productions and how is a hit sound achieved?

Date: Wednesdsay 10 August 2016
Time: 6pm to 9:30pm
Where: JMC Academy Sydney

Each seminar features presentations from recording professionals who will answer audience questions on recording techniques. There are also presentations from the pro audio equipment manufacturers that are supporting various events, including monitor brand Amphion and microphone partner Audio Technica, plus an opportunity to demo recording equipment.