Guest Speaker: JMC Alumni Liam Clifford

Since graduating from the Audio Engineering & Sound Production course, Liam Clifford is now the owner of Howlaround Productions & Howlaround Music, as well as the 
Tour Manager and Front of House Sound Engineer for Sheppard, Masketta Fall and The Trouble with Templeton, and he will be here in August talking to JMC Students!

Liam will be coming to JMC Academy to talk to JMC current students about the transition from studying into the work force. This will be especially interesting for Audio and Entertainment Business Management students to help understand the best ways to gain a successful career after JMC. 

Learn more about his journey here... 'Liam Clifford Blog'


28th August 12- 1pm

These Guest Speaker events are free to attend, no need to sign up. If you have any questions, feel free to email: