BURST: A Celebration of Integration!

BURST: A celebration of Integration!

This event paid tribute to the talents and collaborative work of students from our Sydney Music Performance, Audio Engineering, Film and Television Production, Animation, Game Design and Entertainment Business Management courses.

On the night, we saw the music videos created by the Film & TV students, heard the mixes recorded by the Audio students, saw the live performances by the Contemporary Music & Performance and Songwriting students, honoured the huge role played by the Entertainment Business Management students, and saw the Animated ID's created by the Animation students.

Attendees also got the chance to vote for their favourite in each category with the People’s Choice Awards.

And the winners are…

Best Mix Award: Cameron Henry, Mix 3
Cameron Henry was awarded with a pair of CAD Audio Studio Headphones, courtesy of event sponsors Turramurra Music.
People's Choice Best Mix Award: Jye Hannan, Mix 1

Best Live Music Performance Award: ‘Dynasty’ 
The band members of Dynasty won two SM58 Microphones & Leads, a SM 57 Microphone & Lead, a complete set Drum Skins & Drum Sticks, and three Vox Guitar Effects pedals, courtesy of event sponsors Drummers Dream and Turramurra Music.
People’s Choice Best Live Music Performance Award: ‘Dynasty’

Best Animated ID Award: ‘Pacman’ by Anthony Douehi
Anthony was awarded with a tote bag and sketchbook, courtesy of event sponsors Animal Logic, and a Kinokuniya voucher, courtesy of JMC Academy.
People's Choice Best Animated ID Award: ‘Pacman’ by Anthony Douehi

Best Management Team Award: Jess Bonnici, Georgia Murray, and Tess Collins for their collaborative work with artists ‘Twelve Point Buck’.
The winners of the Best Management Team won dinner at Gowings Restaurant to a total value of $300, courtesy of event sponsors Universal Music Publishing.

Best Music Video Award: Corey Wilson, Marcus Graham, Claire Gostelow, Stefan Goslinga and Jordan Anastasi for 'Night Terrors'. 

People's Choice Best Music Video Award: Holly Harrison, Isabella Francis, Robbie Stuchbury and Kyle Leussink for 'Lego Hearts'
The winners each received a RODE DSLR Microphone, a RODE Deadcat windshield, and a RODE Smart Lavalier Microphone for iPhones thanks to our generous sponsors at RODE Microphones. 

See photos from this amazing event below!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors: