I could not have made a better decision than to start studying at JMC. It is a very friendly, social and openhearted community. Every day I learn something new and the possibilities here are endless. My studies and life in Australia has been very educational and it has made me see the world differently. Alexander Neumann, Sweden (Entertainment Business Management)


I chose JMC Academy because its curriculum offers a close experience to the creative industry life, preparing you technically and theoretically for the challenges of the professional world. The university has great facilities and teachers who have worked in great productions; the classes are small allowing for better interaction with great industry related teachers, therefore, learning more than ever. Juan Chacon Olier, Colombia (Animation)



I think that JMC Academy is a great place to enrich yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the entertainment industry. They also provide ample networking opportunities and amazing international student support. Benny Ng, Malaysia (Audio)



JMC has been a platform for me to create and record my original music. If you want to achieve your dreams in the music industry, I can assure you that JMC will help you push yourself to new heights. Being around industry professionals every day gives you the rare opportunity to have some of Australia's greatest musicians help you with whatever you may need. JMC really is a friendly community of extreme talent Lara Eide, Norway (Contemporary Music Performance)



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